Science Vs Spirituality

The other day I had been to a spiritual course and like every other participant, I introduced myself. During the course, the instructor kept pointing me out in many instances saying doctor is here, I hope she agrees with me and all. I thought he was really being interactive with me and infact I liked his approach.
It was after I came back that I realized, maybe he was surprised to find a doctor in a spiritual course!

Yeah people often think science and spirituality are antonyms which infact , isn’t right at all. A doctor infact could be more spiritual than an average person is. Considering the stress he takes to save a life, he will possibly be the first person to realize that everything is just not in his control.
But mind you, spirituality is not same as religiousness. Religion is belief in another form while spirituality is belief in our own extended form. It’s about the soul and the various dimensions of existence. It is understanding the intricacies of the mind and the quest for balance on another level.

“Science and spirituality aren’t antonyms, instead they are kin…one simply being an extension of the other.”

– The Silent Scream

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