It’s all “Vibrations”!!

Everthing finally comes down to this one thing, Vibes!

As strange as this may actually sound, every thing in the universe is always vibrating. Some slow, some fast with a frequency of their own. There is nothing stationary although they might seem to be. Likewise with us, humans. Each of us have a different vibration depending on what we do, what emotions we carry, what we think about, our alertness level so on and so forth.

Like it’s said, “BirdsΒ of aΒ feather flock together“, similar concept can be applied to vibrations. It has been seen as a general rule in nature that when certain species come together, they tend to ‘sync’ with each other. For example, fireflies when together in large groups were found to flash their light in sync after a few moments. This observation is called spontaneous self-organization. []

I think more than knowing these facts, it is more interesting if we could apply it to our regular lives.

Imagine if we could really sync with someone we are attracted to, or are already in a relationship with or even apply it to mend a bitter relation, exciting isn’t it? πŸ˜€

So, How do we do this? Alter our vibrations?

Here, I need to quote a beautiful illustration I came across.

Vibrations as per human emotions []

As you can find in the illustration, our emotions and feelings determine our vibrations to a large extent. Studies on human brain showed that the human brain waves can be categorized as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta among others. As the vibrational frequency increases, so is ensued peace. In other words, as we raise our vibrations through meditation, relaxation, connecting with nature, showing gratitude or loving ourselves and spreading love we are in turn manifesting them in our lives by allowing our vibrations to sync with them.

Interesting isn’t it?? Why not apply it then and let me know if it worked out? πŸ˜€ Good luck guys!!

Be positive, it’s all about vibes.! πŸ™‚

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