An Equal World is an Enabled World✌

Men and Women.!!

why compare them and not see them individually?

We have seen and heard innumerable arguments on equality of men and women. Some people say both are equal while some others say both cannot be as they are born for different purposes. I want to ask just a simple question, why compare them and not see them individually? Before considering gender, see them as individual people. Every person has the same right to live, to do what they wish to do with their lives and take decisions as per his/her own interest.

A woman who is outspoken and independent isn’t wrong, likewise a man who is not very social and prefers solitude isn’t odd. It’s just about the individual preferences. Stop speaking about what the society thinks instead realize that we are what make that society. We all are a part of it and ‘what the society thinks’ is actually what we in large numbers, think and reflect.

Gender indifference and feminism have become the big words of the present days. Do understand that everything has two sides.  More than blindly taking one side and arguing that we are always right, we need to be more open minded, either way.  Feminism in reality is about providing equal rights to women, not to degrade the opposite sex.  Similarly, men need not always be the masters and decision makers. Anything that’s one sided can become disastrous.

Equality is not to be discussed in terms of man/woman but in terms of necessity, opportunities and calibre. A person who is capable of handling a job has every right to take it up, be it a man or a woman. Likewise, housework, it’s not just a woman’s job to manage the household and kids. Yes, there was a time when there was a clear cut difference between duties and responsibilities of either of them, but things have changed, this is a world of equal opportunities and equal rights atleast of individual lives, let’s embrace this change and not resist it so as to make our lives more peaceful and the world a better place to live in.

Always strive to be better, happier and stronger than you were yesterday.! 🙂💪

The Silent Scream

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