and how to help fight it.!!

It has been a while since I have been thinking about writing this article. But the right time is now, I guess.

We all are aware of the latest sad news of an actor committing suicide due to depression. This is not the first time something like this has happened. A similar incident happened in Tollywood few years back, where another popular and upcoming actor also fell prey to death in the same way.

Let’s talk about nepotism and the reasons behind such incidents another time, for now let us restrict ourselves to this looming danger, ‘Depression’.

What do you mean when someone is in depression?

Are they sad?

Are they lonely?

Are they negative people who don’t seem to get along with others?…

Depression is a state of deep sadness. It’s like a black hole that pulls everything into it. It makes the mind run so hard and so fast that it gets totally out of control. It’s like a magnet that attracts the mind and focuses it on only the negative outcomes of a situation. It’s a scary condition that could make even an extremely intelligent person crazy.

First let me tell you all that the condition as such has no link to what the person is. However strong the person is, whatever he does, this condition can affect him when there is a strong reason. The reason could be personal, failed relationships, professional rivalry, financial troubles, debts, anything.

So, what happens when a person gets depressed?. This is where everything starts getting entangled. One thought on top of another, and it doesn’t stop there. The mind gets so over – active, it doesn’t even let you sleep. Thoughts…thoughts…thoughts, every minute, when awake, even in sleep. Although the issue lies in one aspect, the mind puts that negative feeling everywhere. It basically mixes everything up, relates them and starts taking control of the person rather than the person taking control of the mind. Yes, you could say depression and weak mindedness walk hand – in – hand. One leads to the other.

You can ask me how I am so sure of all this. Am I a psychiatrist? No. I am not. I am a doctor nevertheless, but this understanding of the condition comes from my experience of dealing with few close friends of mine who resorted to suicidal attempts owing to depression and also with my personal experience.

You cannot simply talk a person out of depression or much worse, ignore things he/she says thinking they will ignore them too. Nobody can snap out of it just like that. It’s chaos in their mind. A normal person in a chaotic situation would choose to shout to make it stop. For a depressed person, it’s all in their mind. Do you think shouting would help?. Although the person would feel like it, more or less, but sadly can’t do it either. It’s terrible. It’s like 10 people sitting in your head and constantly shouting. Can you stand that? they won’t have an option.

So in what way can we be of help to these people?. Listen, listen and listen. The best gift we could give them is by lending an ear. Let them pour out all they have, let the mind get empty. Let them realize they can talk too, without judgement. Give them the comfort of sharing their thoughts and see the magic work. I wouldn’t say talking to a random person helps, it needs to be somebody who is willing to make some changes for them in life, someone close. So, here comes the role of the loved ones in their lives, show them that they are loved and cared for.

If it’s one of your friends that struggling through such a rough patch, you could be their support system atleast, even if you can’t change their life totally. You can choose to be their shoulder so that they won’t feel left out.

And for people fighting through depression, my advise to you all would be to start focusing on means to develop a strong mind. Start meditating and practicing breathing techniques. Take a break away from everything that’s worrying you and for once start putting all your attention on your own self. Practice self love and self worth, this is the key. Once you realize what you are capable of, things will start changing on their own. You will be surprised to see how far you have come from the point which, once upon a time you thought, was the end.

“Don’t succumb to anything that easily, make yourself proud by standing tall through everything.”

I guess this is the best I can do as of now.

I will also be ready to listen to anyone, in case you would need me ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care everyone!.

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